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5 Valentine's Day gifts that are thoughtful and sentimental for him or her

Sometimes it’s hard to find a gift that says exactly what you want. Think beyond chocolates and flowers this Valentine's Day. Here are five thoughtful Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, her, or yourself!

To be tender and thoughtful you should prepare in advance for Valentine's Day. You want a gift that's as interesting as your partner is, so don't wait until February 12 to frantically buy something on Amazon Prime.

Your Valentine will love any of these handmade gifts. Mix and match our ideas to create the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

1. A bouquet of roses is classic, but a handcrafted, one of a kind, vase holding those roses is even better.

hand crafted silver painted vase

2. Go simple with classic jewelry, or go elegant with gorgeous jewelry pieces adorned with diamonds! Valentine's Day is also a beautiful, meaningful and romantic time to commit your love to one another with an engagement. These beauties are by LJ Cross.

3. This handmade wooden heart bowl gives your gift a personal and sentimental touch.

Wooden Heart Bowl Valentine's Day

4. Cooking at home is way more romantic than going out on Valentine's Day. Making an impressive meal on this hand-painted ceramic dish set is the ultimate way to provide a personal touch, and have your sweetheart swooning.

5. Last but not least pamper your loved one with this decadent Olive Oil based body range collection. This Italian made oil comes from the family's estate in the hills of Florence that has a century long history of producing organic all natural ingredients for their body care line. It is suitable for all skin types

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