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Lisa’s New Year's Resolution tips for you and your home

If a simpler, less-cluttered life is on your wish list for 2019 new habits need to be cultivated. Minimalism applied to your home can calm your mind, and help you get organized. Pulling off a minimalist scheme takes confidence and discipline. There's no room for error since dubious objects and poorly chosen items can be a visual distraction.

Lisa’s 3 Minimalist Resolution Tips:

#1. Unless you're just moving into a place, it's hard to simplify an entire house at once. Start with furniture. Only the essentials. Clear floors. Clear surfaces. Clear walls. Store stuff out of sight. Declutter. Remove duplicates of any items you may own. Focus on choosing pieces that are sleek, without too much visual weight to them.

Use neutral colors, although it’s crucial to add enough variety to keep the room from looking too homogeneous and, by extension, boring. Choose one shade to be the dominant base for the room, another to act as a coordinating secondary color, and a third that’s reserved for accents.

#2. Try a capsule wardrobe. Do you have an overstuffed closet of nothing to wear each Focus on quality over quantity, and make sure all of your pieces work together (and fit well). No longer do you have to wonder whether something will go with something else or if a top and a bottom can be worn together — everything works with everything else! Rotate every three months.

#3. Streamline your bath and beauty products. Say goodbye to the jumble of half-used (and unloved) products covering your bathroom counters, and pare back to only the products you use regularly. To maintain a simpler system, aim to finish each container of product completely before opening (or even buying) a new bottle.

Take pride in your accomplishments as you move through your home. Once you have cleared a space, return to it and take stock of what has gone. Ask yourself, “Does this space reflect my purpose, what I value, and does it give me a sense of calm?” Many people find it helpful to take a picture of their newly organized and revitalized spaces to remind themselves of their accomplishment and to serve as motivation for when space starts to gather clutter again.

Minimalism can help you declutter your home and make you feel great about yourself – especially if you incorporate donating your unwanted clothes, jewelry, and other items you don’t need.

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